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Code de conduite du vendeur

Purpose and Scope

This Vendor Code of Conduct (the “Code”) sets forth InterRent REIT’s (“InterRent”) principles and expectations for any organization that supplies, furnishes, or otherwise provides goods and/or services to InterRent in any capacity. All Vendors are required to comply with this Code.

InterRent remains steadfastly committed to conducting its business in a way that supports our residents, our teams, communities, and other stakeholders. InterRent upholds its core values of quality, integrity, respect, service excellence, and strong teams and communities in every interaction, and these are the values upon which this Code is based. InterRent’s expectation is that every Vendor with which it does business demonstrates the same commitment to these values and conducts their operations in a responsible and ethical manner.

Responsible Business Practices

Compliance with Laws

Vendors must conduct all business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and/or regulations. All federal, provincial, and municipal laws and/or regulations, along with those set forth by any other Authority (or Authorities) having Jurisdiction, must be followed when doing business with InterRent.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy and Sustainability

InterRent is committed to sound environmental management, as described in our publicly disclosed Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Declaration of Trust. Our Sustainability Policy sets forth these guidelines, and this policy extends to our Vendor partners.

InterRent expects Vendors to recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility and in doing so, always pro-actively work to minimize adverse effects their business may have on the community and surrounding environment.

InterRent’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy is a key component of its operating platform. InterRent strives to purchase goods and services that have the lowest environmental impact including but not limited to those that:

  • Manage and lower emissions.
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Reduce waste.

All goods and services purchased from Vendors are subject to this policy, including goods and services that the Vendor may themselves purchase and use in their efforts to fulfill InterRent’s requirements.

Exceptions may include instances where:

  • Goods and services are potentially available that may be environmentally preferable but do not offer the performance required to deliver adequate Life Safety or Building Safety, which are always prioritized.
  • Environmentally preferable options are not currently available in the marketplace.
  • Goods and services are potentially available that may be environmentally preferable but are disproportionately economically unfeasible when compared to the currently accepted industry standard solutions.

Vendors that demonstrate the use of environmentally preferable solutions will generally be prioritized before a non-environmentally preferable alternative of comparable price and quality, when developing and evaluating requests for goods and services.

The use of environmentally preferable goods and services will be further prioritized in instances where there is frequent human contact with products where environmentally preferable options are widely available and accepted in industry, including specifically cleaning/janitorial products.

Conflicts of Interest

Vendors must not attempt to inappropriately influence any InterRent business decision or attempt to gain an advantage or preferential treatment in their relationship with its employees. Any real, potential, or perceived conflict of interest must be disclosed to InterRent as soon as it becomes known.

Ethical Business & Employment Practices

Human Rights

InterRent respects and acknowledges the supremacy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is committed to upholding this framework as it conducts its business. As such, it is expected that all Vendors will operate in a manner consistent with these rights and values in all business operations. InterRent has zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, violence, unethical labour practices, and any other behaviour that is or may be considered illegal, inequitable, or exclusionary.

Employment Practices

Vendors are expected to uphold the human rights of their workers, and to treat them with dignity and respect. Employment practices must follow all applicable labour laws.

Applicable labour standards may include, but are not limited to, refraining from the use of any forced, involuntary, or unlawful employment practices (including employing child labour), providing wages that meet or exceed legal requirements, and the use of non-discriminatory hiring practices.

Health & Safety

While on-site at InterRent properties, Vendors must adhere to a zero-tolerance policy for health and safety violations. Vendors must be aware of the health and safety issues, and polices, that affect their employees while on the job. Upon learning of any circumstance adversely affecting the health and safety of their employee(s), Vendors are obligated to act immediately to address the situation. Vendors must advise InterRent of any health and safety incidents incurred while working for InterRent, or any circumstance(s) presenting a potentially dangerous situation as soon as they become aware of it.

Vendor Assessment and Monitoring

InterRent maintains the right to monitor a Vendor’s compliance with this Code on an ongoing basis. In the event of observed non-compliance with this Code, corrective action must be taken in a timely manner. Any material non-compliance with this Code may result in InterRent suspending or terminating its relationship with the Vendor, without any other prior Notice.

Updated: Last Reviewed: July 2023.

This policy is subject to change without Notice and adherence to the most current version may be a requirement to continue acting as a Vendor for InterRent.