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Application Requirements

Please be prepared to provide the following information to the Community Leasing Agent upon applying to rent an apartment or townhome. 

Source of Income and Verification 
Please provide verification of your source of income with either a current pay stub, a letter from your employer or your most recent tax assessment. 

We ask that you provide us with the telephone number of your current landlord so that we can call for reference. 

Payment for first and last month's rent (ONT only) 
We require full payment for the last months rent upon submission of application for lease and full payment for the first months rent on or prior to the first day, at lease signing. Certified cheque, money order or debit are acceptable. 

Rent Payment Options 
We highly encourage all of our residents to take advantage of the convenience of using our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. Alternatively, you may issue 12 post dated cheques to pay your monthly rent for the term of your lease. (Don’t accept check payments anymore.) 

Multi-Housing Crime Free Program 
In accordance with the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program we are required to do a detailed comprehensive screening on all applicants who are applying for a unit. A Criminal Reference Check will be conducted to qualify for one of our crime free communities. This is conducted by the Ottawa Police via our office - free of charge. For this we require two pieces of picture ID entailing both name and date of birth on both pieces. Please enquire with one of our Community Leasing Agent regarding the ID required.